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Chocolate Bacon!

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Ahhh I love the Iowa State Fair.
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"If you're looking for a treat to cool yourself off, how about a pickle pop? It's pickle juice frozen in a push up sleeve."

Now that is just a bit too much...
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And then there is deep fried Coke...

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Dear god! I must NEVER EVER let my wife see that bit about chocolate covered bacon!
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All of the above....ONLY IN AMERICA could we invent such great food!

'Course my favorite is "Fried Fat" as the beautiful Mrs. Rivet calls it; to me it will lovingly be referred to as Pork Rinds, Chicharrones, Cracklin's...what-ever, but they are goooooooood.

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Dude, thats just wrong. Although now Im thinking that my chocolate dipped bacon wrapped smoked Rocky Mountain Oyster ( see Idea MIGHT just work after all. LOL

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Oh ya., on a stick!!!
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Only at the fair !!!! But I think I will pass on that one.
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Best thing I ever ran across was Lowrey's Microwave Porkrinds.... sounds like it would be bad... but it took pork rinds to a whole new level. WARM and cruntchy.... thank god I can't find them any more.... PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Dude, I'm telling ya, they stole that idea from right here at SMF!! icon_mrgreen.gif This was discussed way back in Jan. of '07. After diggin' through the archives I found this old thread- Of course they was called Christmas Cookies back then.
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I want some!
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