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how and when do you spray baby backs? help please

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I'm going to try my first 3 racks of baby backs on saturday. I plan on starting with rub/mustard (maybe overnight depending on how much salt in the rub) I'm going to do the 2 1/2, 2, 1 method, which I heard works well for baby backs. My question is how often and when do you spray them with a rum/apple juice mix if you are going that rout? I'd love to get a good bark on my first baby backs.

any help is awesome,

thanks guys

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once every houricon_mrgreen.gif
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thanks :) more more newb question... you cook them meat up or down?
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it's a matter of opinion....some do meat down some do meat up....i do meat upwink.gif. rub em stick em in fridge overnite. throw em on dry, smoke accordingly and sauce at the end.
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I would go with meat up and spray them every hour. Also not go any less then once an hour because you may lose to much heat when opening the lid to spray the meat.
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I have found that double wrapping them in foil when the time comes keeps them from falling apart too much later. They are still very tender but don't crumble when you try to get them off the smoker at the end. Good luck!
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u said rub mustard? it's mustard than rub-wrap overnite in plastic wrap-and spritz every 1'2 hr 45 min.good luck.2-2-1 good start just keep an eye on them.
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Yup, I use 2,2,1 also for baby backs, spritz once an hour, I put a little liquid (Heavy spray) on also when I foil. Never had a bad rack yeticon_biggrin.gif
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thanks for the help guys, I'll take some pictures on saturday. I just made up a batch of Bilbo rub for one of the racks. You think even with all the salt in these rubs I'd be ok with doing the prep/rub the night before?
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What type of smoker? If you're using a vertical water smoker, you don't need to spritz to keep it moist. But if you're trying to add a little flavor, that's different. If so, follow the advice above.
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I'm using this smoker

and I'm new to the game, thanks for your help.
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Well, that certainly is not a vertical water smoker. So I defer to the offset guys...........
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Glad your tying my rub! I have no problem rubbing them and keeping them overnight. Can't wait to see the pics of my rub in action!
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I use a drip pan with water/beer/etc in it, and that keeps things from drying out too much. In addition I mop ribs 3-4 times during the cook using any variety fo liquids but usually containing some vinegar.

I don't sauce 'em. The last rack I didn't bother foiling, and they are tender & moist & delicious.
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On my GOSM I fill my water pan with apple juice,that keeps them moist. I also spritz every hr, not for moisture but for flavor. Don't forget to take the membrane off,rib will absorb more smoke flavor.

Good Luck! Don't forget pic's
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[quote=danreeve;321968] I'm going to do the 2 1/2, 2, 1 method, /quote]

Your times might be a little long in my experience. I've had good success with 2.5,1,.5 at about 225. It all depends on the cooker and the meat. But give it a try and see how it works for you.
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Oh heck yes, don't forget to take the membrane off the back side if it has one still on, most do. depends where you bought itPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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