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ECB Gourmet Links

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pretty sure i put all these together once, so they must of gone down during the problems

fire pan mods...........


inlet airflow mod


third rack mod

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Thanks WD...you da man!!!
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Thanks for reposting the links, Steve. smile.gif
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Thanks for the post.

I used this as a guide for my coal pan:


I only tonight fabricated a damper for the intake. I wanted to do it similar to what you did, but I wanted to be able to use it as a waist high grill if I ever need a second grill. So instead I closed up the bottom 1 1/2 inch hole, and made 4 holes at 3/8 on the side. I then mickey-moused some sheet metal to make a moveable cover. Terrible lightning tonight, so maybe I'll throw some coal in it tomorrow after work. Might be a good excuse to pick up some ABT fixings so the coal doesn't go to waste.
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thanks! the "third rack" mod is key...
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