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New from Cantin MI

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Hi my name is George and I live in Canton MI. Don't laugh, there are a few of us that live up here that know how to BBQ, but very few I will admit. Everyone has a grill but they don't know how to BBQ. To do Spare Ribs they put them in a pot of water, boil them for 2 hrs then throw them on the grill for 10 minutes, put some bottled sauce on them and brag for a weak about there Ribs. Lucky for me I lived in NC for 8 years and learned a little about real BBQ. My last smoker finally wore out and for some foolish reason I bought a Char-Broil Electric smoker, big mistake, can't keep the temp. up in cold weather and a real pain in the butt adding wood chips to it. A friend of mine has a propane smoker and it works well all year round. I am thinking of buying one also. I am looking forward to being on the Forum and going into the Chat Rooms and being able to talk to people that know how to BBQ.
Take Care & Keep Smoking
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Hi George. Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us.
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Hey George!

Welcome aboard from Warren, MI. You are gonna find out on here that there are a lot more than a few Michiganders that who what real BBQ is all about.
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Nice ta have ya here George.....Welcome!
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Wow, I sure hope you're going to make some low and slow smoked ribs and show them how it's done.
Welcome to the site George. No doubt you're going to love it here.
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Hi Harold

I hope you are right, I have lived here for a long time and only know one person that really knows. He does a great job of smoking but I can't get him away from bottled sauce
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Well consider me the second. I rarely use sauce, and when I do it is home-made.
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Welcome from the Hawkeye state.
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Hey George welcome! Wait til the neighbors see and smell the smoke signals your puttin up! Once they taste what you have learned here at the SMF the meat is gonna be flyin off the shelves!!
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George, Welcome. I just left Plymouth, MI last Oct (got booted out of auto industry) and agree there are not too many who understand real 'Que up there. Search 'MI' in the member list and/or go to the Great Lakes BBQ Association site. There are a few knowledge folks up there.

Slow's in Detroit is a not bad joint to go eat at either.
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Welcome George!
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Hey George, Hi from the Mt Pleasant/Alma area.
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Welcome to the forum George. I'm right next door to you, in Wayne. Lots of good people and information here.
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Welcome to the forum. There's nothing wrong with propane either.
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Welcome I am in Wisconsin, on my own here also but have learned a ton here
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