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Just one question.................. Is it big enough??? icon_eek.gifrolleyes.gifbiggrin.gif

Nice rig! And tasty looking Q. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Oh my ... I thought I've seen big rigs, but this is impressive! Really great inaugural smoke, the pics made me drool!

As Capt Dan mentioned earlier, it only gets easier with these rigs and are a pure joy to cook on!
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All i gotta say is.....OOOOOOO AHHHHHHHHHH PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I drove down Sunday and spent the night and was at the Lang place first thing Monday morning. It was an 11 hour drive one way.
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Jst got in from SAMs and pickd up 6 pork butts, 1 pork tenderloin, 1 beef sirloin roast(Never done this type of roast but it had a good price) and some thick chops. I was going to cook all that this weekend but Im going tomorrow to pick up the tin for the roof and have someone coming Saturday to put it on. Im gonna have two canopys put on each side that fold down. Im trying to decide on how to build them. Angle iron of course would work but also thought about some PVC pipe or some 2x2 wood. Im not a welder so the PVC/Wood is something I could do. Any suggestions????

Thanks for all the compliments from everybody. i have not made many posts on here but have spent hours and even days I bet reading the posts on here and have learned tons of tips and tricks and appreciate everyones input...Even the people that is new to smoking have valuable input...Things they tried that didnt work a new recipe. I saw a post a while back on using kool aid in the rub and cant wait to try that...
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Isnt she a beauty!
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Great pics, but in the picture above, what is the purpose of the vent/damper in the bottom of the warming box/vertical smoker?
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I would think that it allows you to use the two chambers, horizontal/vertical, separately. With it closed only the horizontal section would be in use.
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My first thought was that all the smoke escaped through the vertical smoker, but then I saw the pipe coming from the main chamber. My second thought was that it was the main source of smoke/heat for the vertical chamber. I second guessed myself enough thinking that you would lose so much heat having to go all the way through the horizontal chamber prior to getting to the vertical chamber.
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Congrats on the new addition to you family.
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Awesome looking smoker!
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That vent is so you can control the temp in the warmer. The main chamber has a big stack coming out the top just before the heat and smoke enters the warmer. The warmer does run cooler than the rest of the smoker but not by much. It did a great job with the beans and the pie. According to the installed temp gauges I ran 250 on the hot end and 235 on the cooler end and the warmr was about 230. Since it is directly above the firebox it gets radiant heat and then the smoke as it travels through the main chamber......
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Pretty much spot on. It will still have a good amount of heat but you can control more of the smoke with the vent..
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WOW! What a rig! I haven't been around much lately or had much time to post...but, that thing is just way too beautiful to go without commenting. I'm jealous!

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Just had a friend of mine show me pictures of his new son.

Wasn't nearly as impressed with that kid as I am of your new baby.

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