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Maple whiskey glazed Chuck Roast

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Okay, so this is my first attempt to post pictures to this site so bear with me. I intend on smoking a Chuckie tomorrow while Im installing hard wood floors in our home. Tonight is just the prep stage and pics will follow as the deed progresses. I hope you enjoy.

Of course it starts with the meat. $6.71 for an almost 4 pound roast was a bargin!!

The Dry rub...

Now what willl become the overnite marinate.

All packed and ready for the overnite soak. Im very excited to try this.

I will post more pictures tomorrow when the smoke acutally starts.

Thanks for looking,
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looking good.. thanks for the pics
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Looking good so far! That Wild Turkey looks good & chilled!
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I'm looking forward to seeing how it's coming along.
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Just an update

Okay, so due to complications possibly stemming from the afore mentioned chilled Wild Turkey I did not get the chuckie on quite as early as I wanted BUT as of 9:00 it was on the Smokevault (24) along with some apple, cherry and alittle mesquite. As Murphy's law would have it, my camera batteries went dead soon after taking a few pictures but will be posted later. I plan on pulling the roast so Im sure Im in for a long smoke. In addition to the roast, I also threw in a rack of beef ribs just in case the roast didnt finish in time for dinner. I put a simple rub on them of course Kosher salt, garlic and CBP. I dont plan on foiling them, just cooking them low and slow and long.

Just chugging along PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif,

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Nice job so far Reek! From what I'm gathering so far keep your whiskey in the freezer(me too!) and you like good bbq(me too!) Chuck roasts are my favorite. Make sure you stay patient through the plateau...could be a long one. I did a chuckie last weekend and it took about 12-13 hrs. That did include an hour wrapped up in the cooler though. Keep us posted...I'm really interested to hear how the maple whiskey glaze turned out.
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Sounds good so far Reek. I like the sound of that marinade. Good luck!

Just a tip on the pics, if you wanted to post them in your thread you would want to copy the IMG Code link

and paste that.

Can't wait to see your finished pics and hear what you thought about the marinade.
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Looking good. Be sure to show us how those floors went down too. icon_biggrin.gif
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That was a good buy on that chuck ,,,,, looking good ,,,,man I love that Wild Turkey stuff,,,, it's good,,,,
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My camera is back

First off, thanks for the intrest in my smoke and the additional info on posting etc. Its been showering here off and on all day so the smoke vault got set up under the front patio. Wasnt my first choice but oh well.....

The wood box ready to go filled with apple, cherry and alittle mesquite. This wood will usually last about 8 hours tilll I need to replunish.

Temperature set to go low and slow....

5 hours in and the plateau has begun. Damn the plateau!!! LOL

The predators are gathering.

Helpers inquiring how long the darned plateau is going to last and what time dinner is. Oviously starving to death.

The smoke goes on. I will post more pics later. Oh ya, the hardwoods coming along alittle slow, but sure.

STILL ReeksLikeSmoke,
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Looking good Reek. Q-view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Reek, was curious at what temp the plateau started??
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Plateau started and remains at 143 for three hours now. Its a good thing I put in the rack of ribs!! Im thinking the fur dispensers (Yorkies)are pretty happy about that as well !! The chuckie is looking and smelling wonderful!!

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Be patient and "REEK" the rewards :) (I know...that was bad)
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So you know it happened......

This is to complete this post and provide some Q-View. The roast finally broke out of the 141 plateau after 3.5 hours. Once it started moving the temperature rose fairly quick to 163 at which point I wrapped the roast along with some of the marinate for brazing.

Back into the smoker looking for 205 degrees on the probe.

Getting close!!!

Pulled the ribs earlier for dinner. Misses wanted me to try some Famous Daves Apricot Bourbon BBQ sauce she had bought so I did. The ribs were very tasty and moist!!!

At 205 degrees I pulled the roast Which looked like this.

And the finished product.

The meat was very moist with a light sweet flavor. I plan to make tacos with it for dinner tonight. The smoke took 12 hours total for alittle under a 4 pound roast. I hope you enjoyed my post.

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Nice job! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Ribs and chuckie both look delicious.. Glad they turned out well.
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Chuckie looks amazing!

Great work!
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looks like everything turned out well thats gonna be some mighty fine tacos. oh yea the ribs look awsome also. Great job reeks
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