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Rib Roast din din bell

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Hey peeps, Thawed out a boneless rib roast for tonights dinner. Used Traeger rib roast seasoning and threw it on the webber to sear it. Then off to the bb gosm for some added smokey goodness. Hick and apple was wood of choice. No spritzing and mopping just smokin @ a about 225 for 2.5 hrs. Then off to the big O for the finish temp of 155. I know I know eek.gif the wife likes hers well icon_rolleyes.gif. Any way threw a few bakers and garlic bread in the pot and wah la. Sour cream and green onions with a hit of horseraddish was the spread. Roast was to done for me but had good flavor Dana loved hers. You know what they say, " happy wife happy life" icon_mrgreen.gif.
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I'll take a plate, with an option for 2nd's please ... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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LMAO on the wife thing! Yeah, I make regular accomodations for the better half myself. Life's too short to let the little stuff bug us. That's a fine roast in my book...still has plenty of juices. Nice plate, too!

Good smoke!

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Nice job on the roast. Everything looks great.
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Looks great! Gotta do me one of those!
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Looks amazing!

Thanks for sharing.
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Love those Rib Roasts.....great job on yours!!!
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Great job .... I should try this soon. Thanks for sharing the views.
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Thanks for the atta boys peeps I appreciate it wink.gif.
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Nice job man.
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Looking good. I got lucky-my wife likes it med-rare. Nice work!
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That looks great. Congrats on a successful smoke. I too have a wife that likes her beef well done. Just kills me everytime. What's worse is when she uses ketchup. icon_cry.gif

All you single guys pay attention. LOL
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I like to eat meat.

That meat looks good.

I would like to eat that meat.

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nice job on the rib roast. Don't you lovr those smoked potatoes.
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Nice rib Lab!! I like my rib practically raw!
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Thanks guys wink.gif

Yep smoked taters great.

Dingle, don't know about almost raw and almost kicking, but it at least has to have a little moo in it icon_mrgreen.gif
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