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Ribs w/ Qview

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Here are some ribs I smoked up on my CharBroil Electric Smoker the other day...sorry no leftovers
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Those look far from Plane Guy. LOL. Very nice. I love ribs
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mmmmm,thats looks good!!!!!!
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looks mighty tasty
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Thanks - This weekend - more ribs but doing it on the Weber Kettle w/ the Smokenator 1000. Will post some pics on that one.
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Looks like a nice slab. What kind of wood did you use to cook them with? Did ya spritz or foil?
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I used hickory chunks. I lay them around the perimeter of the heating element in the electric smoker. I also lay ceramic briquettes on the bottom of the smoker to keep up the temp.

No foil or spritz - just rub. Smoked for about 6 hours.
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Nice job. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif They look great.
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Very nice! And...over hickory~good choice.
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Very nice looking rack of ribs. you have to love them just slathered with sauce. Napkins please.
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Nice set of ribs... now for a little sauce and napkins..please.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks - I was planning on a fathers day smoke break-in my new Weber Kettle but it has not stop raining in NY and by the look of the forecast it never will.
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Nice job. Enjoy that Kettle.
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