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Wood stove for firebox

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Hi everyone,

I am getting things together to build a smoker from a 250 gal. propane tank. I was going to build my firebox and got to thinking that I have an old buck stove fireplace insert and was wondering if it would work for the firebox. I know it might look a little strange but I want heat not a show piece. Do you all think it would provide enough heat for the smoker or should I just build one? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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i have seen some pits with a woodstove for a firebox and they seem to work
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Yes it will work. Adapt & overcome! Lookin forward to yer design & build! Oh...& yer Smokes!
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If it is made of cast iron, you might have a little trouble joining the two. Cast iron can be tough to weld.
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Boo Bahhh Cast ain't hard to weld,, ya just got to do it right :)
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i have a stove for my fire box. and it works great!

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