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Lump Charcoal Ratings Website...

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Searched Lump charcoal and found this...

It reviews 75 plus charcoals from East to west... pretty cool site and very scientific... I never knew that you could make Charcoal from Coconut...

Read UP!

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That's a pretty cool site isn't it?
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Cool Site...Thanks for sharing. I only looked at about half of them some of the lump on that site I can not get around here...
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That's an awesome site. They really break it down. I was glad to see the brand that I currently have is recommended by the site (Royal Oak Steakhouse Lump Charcoal). I ran out and bought it in a pinch at Menards.

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As have many others . . . years ago. icon_mrgreen.gif

It is a helpful site and does merit bringing up from time to time.

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Well said DDave. It is especially helpful for the newer members that may not have seen it already. They are just getting a handle on this smoking thing, and figuring out the charcoal is a big part of that. Here is another link that I'm sure that many of you have seen as well, but there is good info in there and worth a read about charcoal.

Happy Smokes!
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