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Great idea for a smoke wutang!
Isn't it great when someone comes up with such a great idea as cherry and Amaretto?
Done to perfection, I can almost taste it through the screen.
One of my favorite shots is crown royal with a dash or two of amaretto....Mmmmmm.....
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Now your talking. I got to give that a try.
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Looks Great Wutang!
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TANGER!!! WHoa! Kickin it WAY up! The more rare the more betterer!! Points for rareness and band-aids!
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One Time! That is Right!......Yeah Man!
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Just showed this to my wife, thinking I'd do something like this soon. Her response was "Gross, the meats all red. Looks too rare for me."

I'm calling a lawyer in a few minutes.
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After she signs the papers you should give her a sandwich. icon_biggrin.gif

By the way, when I use this for french dips I warm up the meat in the au jus on the stove. It only takes a few seconds for thin slices to look a little more medium. Maybe she would like it that way?
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That looks awesome tang lookd like its definately one to add to the to do list. I love me a roast beef sammich and french dips
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