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Cooking time suggestions

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Fairly new at smoking and had a couple of questions. I have cooked all the meats before just never together at one time. I am cooking brisket ribs chicken and pork for the fourth for a bunch of friends and family. We are going to be eating around 5:00pm and was wanting to know when and what times I should start everything so it is all done together. Any help or suggestions would be great.
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Well I'm about to head off to bed. I know there are other folks out there still up and those who will be up before me in the wee hours of the morning so to help you out a bit...
Firstly know that with things like brisket and many other cuts time can vary a lot.
To better help what size brisket, what sort of ribs, a whole chicken? and what form of pork? I would assume a butt but knowing exactly what your plans are will help determine an approximate cook schedule for success.
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Here are the times I give for these

Brisket 24 hours

ribs 6 hours

whole chicken 5 hours

pork butts 9 hours

turkey 24 hours

This is going to be a lot of work, If you can get somebody to help the overnight moping / spritzing and keeping the temps good you will enjoy the fourth more.

Good luck and remember the Q-View
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I'm sorry to come in and dispute but I would have to disagree with those times. No offense meant country.
A brisket or a turkey won't run you 24 hours.
Ribs sure, 6 hours give or take. Butts, I have had them finish in as little as 6 but they can take up to 12 or more. 1.5hrs per lb is the "recommended times" but it varies. Whole chicken shouldn't be much more than 3 hours, but of course you want to go by temps not times.
Again, I don't mean to argue but I do have to disagree with the 24 hours.
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Just the times I allow for brisket (big one) learned the hard way it took 24 hours had planned to have it for supper at 12 hours, ended up with pizza as brisket wasn't even close, the turkey can vary from as little as 5 hours to 24 based on weight. I know you shouldn't smoke big birds but when the wife brings home a 27 pound bird it takes a long time. I have learned it is easier to hold warm if it is done too soon than it is to wait for stuff that isn't ready on time.
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Personally, if it were me, I'd do the pork butt and the brisket the weekend before, pull it and freeze it until Wed then move it to refridgeration to thaw out for the 4th. On the 3rd rub your ribs and start cooking on the 4th around 11 am to noon, and chicken around 2pm so they're done arouind 5pm. Reheat the pulled brisket and butt and serve w/finishing sauce, do a mess of beans, and invite meeee! icon_wink.gif lol!

Pops ยงยง
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I'm with pops, that way you can do the ribs & chicken and concentrate on those. I tried last weekend to cook too much at once. It worked out but like the others have said brisket & pork butts vary in time. You should always go by temp and not time. If you are going to go for it all at once plan in TONS of time. You can always cooler the bigger cuts if they finish ahead. No harm in that either.

Give yourself LOTS of time!
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I have heard of cooking brisket for 24 hours but the cooking temp was about 180-190 degrees. I don't have that kind of time I was looking at the 12-15 hour range.
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The times on the other meat is good I understand. Fire I sent you a PM if you want to look at it. I just want to make sure I have ample time to cook everything. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
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I'd go with Pop's recomendation. Or if you're insistent on having it all fresh off the smoker, I'd start the brisket and the butt the night before and keep it warm til serving time.
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Another one here that would go with Pop's suggestion on the brisket and butt. While 24 hrs might be a bit of an over estimation 16-18 hrs in not and you don't have that time if you are serving at 5 pm. A friend did a 10-11# fresh butt that took near 20 hrs on a cookshack. Meats that are in cryo may get some wet aging which reduces the cooking time. A lot of factors come in to play. Don't want to play Russian roulette with the time and hungry guests. Don't want to make your 4th a day of tension when you should be having fun.
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