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Newbie Question Fattie temp

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Very interested in trying a fattie, just wondering what temp it is cooked at and what the internal temp is when it is it done?

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Shoot for 165 - 170 deg. F.
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Yep. 'Zactly. Well said. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
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Smoking temp should be somewhere between 225 and 250. Internal temp should be 165 to 170. Make sure the filling ingredients are cooked before they are rolled in the fattie. Do not stuff the fattie with raw ingredients.
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Like dawn said cook at 225 to 250 and the internal temp to about 165 to 170. make sure you watch what you stuff it with not to much soft stuff because it tend to leak out. Just make sure you have a good seal on your rolling. then enjoy and always remember one cooked is one hooked. I'm living proof to that.
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those are all good advice icon_wink.gif
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