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ribeye and 2 fatties

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Yet another weekend like the last few if you remember smoking smoking and alittle more smoking. This it was a couple of 2" thick ribeyes and potatoes.
It was funny we were sitting down eating and then I jumped up STOP eating I didn't get resting pictures. So this one is the wifes dinner plate and this one is my plate. Let me tell you delish and a big yummo[/font]
]After dinner it was time to prep for tommorows smoke a couple of fattiesThis one is spicy venison sausage with the baked potatoe filling. Potatoe, green & red peppers, jalapenos, green & yellow onions, mushrooms, gorgonzola blue cheese, sharp cheddar cheese all with a bacon weaveThis one is breakfast (sage & regular) sauage scambled eggs, potatoes(hash browns), bacon pieces, green peppers, jalapenos, ham, sharp cheddar cheese, mushrooms. wrapped and ready for the frigIn the smoker at 250* over a mix of apple chips and chunksThis This the breakfast oneThis This the baked potatoe oneThis This the sweet couple awaiting tommorows lunch.]This smoke was not for our fine dining it was for the boys at work who have been wining that they just get to hear about my smokes. So I thought this is their change to get some. There were about 10-12 grown (some more then others) men at work. Some electictians, plumbers, a/c guys, a stupidintendant, and the owners rep (my boss) then a couple labors. They all ate their fill and then I thought about the wife and her crew (she works in a peds office) Being the good guy I am I took the rest for them to enjoy. All in all everybody loved it. So here you go and enjoy the pics and yes it does taste as good as it looks.
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Nice job Mark. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif I'm glad the guys at work enjoyed the fatties and there was some left to share with your wife's coworkers.
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Nice fatties and those rib eyes are fantastic! Thanks for sharing.
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Those are some beauties. I only wish you had some sliced picts.
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Really nice looking grub! Great looking plate of food!
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One nice smoke. I'm thinking the family consumed that in record time!!!
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Lookin' good, Mark! Ribeyes, hands down are the best cut in my books. Good combos for those fatties, too. Nice smoke!

The boys at work better quit whining now. They have had their taste, now they have a reason to try it themselves!!!

Thanks for sharing your smoke!

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