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fathers day present

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looky what i got

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Nice. What's the range on that thing?
It's great getting a gift that you will actually use all the time.
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congrats, great gift!
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You're gonna love that rascal, congrats.
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Great gift!!!
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Imported one last month, customs bumped me for the Tax, worth every penny, it’s a great bit of kit.

Remember and read the bit about the timing for switching the 2 box’s on.
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Great Gift. Does the job of 2 thermos' . Enjoy!!
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Very nice!!!
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I just got the same one yesterday and plan on using it this weekend. My old remote thermo's prob took a dump on me. and I am not sure where to get a new one for it. so told the family the Maverick whould make a great fathers day gift
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you will really like these a little tlc and they will for years
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UPS dropped one off for me yesterday as well. Nice little Father's Day gift from my daughter. Be a nice addition to go along with my ET-7... smile.gif
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Congrats. I love mine, they work awesome.
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I have one, your gonna love it! Whoever got you that loves you!
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