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First Smoke Butt not going so well

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Breaking in my new Smoke Vault with some baby backs and a pork butt. I put the butt on almost 12 hours ago but the internal temp is still only reading 155.

I had some temp issues while I try to get used to this thing but I can't figure out why the butt would still be so far from done. Anyone else have similar problems before?

I have some friends coming over any minute to watch the NBA finals and it's a good thing I have plenty of ribs because I might be having the butt for breakfast tomorrow at this pace.
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Have you checked to make sure your thermometer is accurate? Have you checked the location of the probe?
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What temp have you been smoking at?
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check accuracy of your thermomenter and also keep an eye on smoking temps. i would recommend bucking the cooking temps up to at least 250 and 300 wouldn't be out of line at this stage in the game. it looks like you've hit the plateau and it is lasting a long time. that plus possible low cooking temperatures is could give these results.

another idea is - have you been peeking? if so, don't! once every couple of hours or so is more than enough and probably a little too much!
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What he said! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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Yep, what they said.
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If your at 155 go ahead and foil with a good spritz and the temps will go much faster. Oh and check those thermos
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Not sure of why you're having these results. But if it's been on that long and only at 155, do you know how long you sat in the 40 to 140 range? Just want to make sure nobody gets sick.
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Thanks for suggestions. The ribs came out on schedule and were fall off the bone tender and everyone loved them.

I cranked up the smoker and finally decided to pull the pork butt when it hit 185. I had been cooking all day at ~225 but no doubt opened the door more than I should have but still seemed like the meat plateaued for way too long. At least it tastes good.
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I think it actually got to 100+ faster than I was expecting although I really have no idea how long it should take since this was my first time. I thought it might be the thermostat on the fritz but I double checked everything with an instant read thermometer and everything matched up. I did have some trouble regulating the heat at times but that can't bee too unusual.

I decided to wrap it shortly after I made my original post thinking that might help kick things into gear but it only got a me a few degrees.
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Next time crank those temps up to 250-275º range. I try to hold off foiling until atleast 160º internal. Once you do get it foiled don't be afraid of cranking up the heat. I have taken it to 300º with no ill effects on the butt.
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Bit late at this point but I have found if it is really taking forever wrap in foil and into a 250 oven, the temp has always raised rather quick for me that way the couple of times I had to do it.
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boil test !
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Yeah my smoke vault thermometer is way off; almost 25-35 deg so get yourself a digital probe and place it near the meat. Only open the door to add some wood real quick and then shut it, don't stare at the food, eventhough its tempting!!
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