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A little pork today

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We had a chance to get the smoker running today so we invited a neighbor to through a few things on with our ribs and shoulder. They chose to do some ribs and chops.

Here is my big guard dog looking over today's treasures.

This is what he was guarding.

Not quite full but a decent amount on for today.

Here is the shoulder part way through the smoke.

I would have got a pic of the ribs, boy they turned out great too, but the just disappeared on me. But I did get some more pics of the shoulder.

Before pulling.

Then after.

The chops seemed to be picture shy too................sorry.

Thanks for checking out my view.
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Looks very good. I love pulled pork. I did 4 of them last weekend for a party
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very nice!
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Looks like someone is having a tasty sammie tonight!
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icon_lol.gif Don't you love it when the food just disappears. Let's you know you've done a good job. Everything looks great!
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Very nice looking pork. Looks like you had great smoke penetration. What did you use for rub and for wood.

Are you sure the dog didn't snag the ribs and chops? LOL
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Thanks everyone. I used red oak and cherry wood and the rub was a basic brown sugar rub.
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