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Sunday Tri-Tip w/Vidalia Onion & Red Potatos

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Caught tri-tips on sale again this week, so here's one I'm doing today. It was advertised as being "trimmed". Pretty decent price.

This is their idea of "trimmed", but it doesn't coincide with mine.

This is more like it. 11ozs of fat removed.

Brushed on some evoo, and applied some of my rub.

Got lucky in the produce dept. as vidalia onions were in. Cored it with an apple corer and gave it shot of apple juice along with some granulated garlic & indian malabar black pepper. Should be tasty. Putting on some red potatos as well.

The vidalia onion & red spuds on the bottom rack, tri tip on top. Will be using red oak & apple for smoke. Will take the tri tip to 160, then pull it off. Thanks for lookin'

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Looks great, Mike. I'll be checking back. biggrin.gif
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Why did you pull off all that lovely fat????
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"Why did I pull of all of that lovely fat?" Simple; there's no point in cookin' what I'm not going to eat, it just adds to the cook time, plus the bark will be the same all the way around.
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Thanks Mikey. I like to leave some of the fat on for flavor and moisture, plus I thought some of the newer smokers might learn from that question.icon_lol.gif
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You're more than welcome. I use a water pan in my smoker, but whether fat adds flavor is debateable, since meat renders outbound, I can't see how it adds anything. Just my opinion.
On Edit: Internal fat keeps the meat moist and I'm sure adds some flavor. IMO, external fat doesn't add any flavor.
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Hmmmmmmm, point taken. That oughta give me brain freeze for awhile.icon_lol.gif

But then again I'm using a Traeger so no water pan as the temp is easier to regulate and keep stable. Maybe that makes a difference???
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Nice looking start there, Mikey! I agree with you on surface fat removal 100%.

Keep it coming man!

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Mikey, let me know how that Vialia onion comes out. I have a 10 lb bag of them and have never smoked them yet. I'm curious how they taste and look???
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Oneshot, I'll let you know. They've got to be good smoked as I usually eat em like an apple. I love em!
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The Shriners were selling them by the 10 lb. bag on the street corner so I just couldn't resist. Not to mention my truck just turned right in there without my control.icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif
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yummm looks like a good sunday smoke mike-ya fat needs to be removed and froze for sausage later-as far as onions on the smoker if one has not tried there missing out.looking to more pics
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Ok, now I feel like a groom stood up at the alter with this smoked onions deal.
I got some drumsticks thawed and I'm gonna do a Vidalia onion too.
How long does the onion take???
Lots of help needed, never smoked an onion before.
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I usually leave the onion(s) on for about 3 hrs depending on smoker temp. Which reminds me, I need to pull the onion. Should be xlnt since all the drippings from the tri tip are all over it, YUM!
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Nuts, I won't have enough time to do it for diner. I'll have to do it Mon. or Tues. when I do the roast beef...
Hows about a pic of that onion to at least feed my little brain!!!! lmaoicon_lol.gif
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Here's a pic of the Vidalia onion after 3 hrs on the smoker. Temps in wattburner have been 230-235 depending on the wind. This onion is to die for! I have several of these aluminum pot pie pans which are perfect for doing onions on the smoker.

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That looks excellent!!!! My mouth is watering!!!! I gotta do those.
Thanks Mikey....
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Yes sir that looks awesome. I am going to have to try a few of those onions myself
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That onion looks spectacular...I have done those with a little slice of bacon in the middle and they turn out great like that too. I really like those little pans, I'll have to look for those.
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nice lookin smoke mikey!!! the onion looks great too. a while back i did a briskey and seen a video on you tube on trimming a brisket. so i did exactly like they said and i thought for sure i ruined it. and it turned out great. there is enough internal fat in some of these cuts to keep them moist and juicey. so i got to agree on your theory on the external fat being outbound only as it renders off only with the exception of the meat it is in direct contact with and in the rest period it may pull some some back inside as juices redistribute. great job and i for sure gotta try that onion man!!!points.gif
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