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Babybacks and twiced smoked taters (q-view)

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I'm smoking some babybacks and tators for the 1st time on my new drum. Never did twice smoked taters. Is it better to put them (taters) on at the beginning, then when they're done to foil and set aside then add the fillings then back on the last 45 min or so to reheat?

ribs after mustard and rub and in fridge overnight. tators with evoo koster salt and garlic salt

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2 1/2 hrs in. Ribs ready to foil

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Looking good. Keep us posted.
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That would be a sound plan, I think, for the taters. That way, you'll know they are can do the prep for the filling while the ribs are finishing, then, get the taters back on about 20 minutes before you un-foil to firm up the ribs (assuming your are doing a 3-2-1 method variation)....should work out just fine. I'm planning a similar smoke for Monday myself.

Keep us up to speed and let us know how it goes for you.

Looks good so far! Keep it coming, TLD!!!!

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Ribs out of the foil to firm back up with a little homemade BBQ Sauce. Tators back on. I smoked the ribs @ 225* to 245* for 2 1/2 hrs,(with apple and hickory chunks) foil 1 1/2 hrs, out of the foil 1/2 hr . Tators mashed up with some sour cream, half and half, butter with chives, bacon bits and cheddar cheese on top. Forgot to mix some cheddar into the tators.

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dinners on

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All looks really good! Love those racks all laid out on the smoker. The taters looked like they came out well, too!!
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Nice!!!!!! Looks like your sauce formed-up real well at the end. Ribs and taters both look great!

Thanks for sharing your dinner with us!

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I just showed my wife your meal.....She would like to know when is dinner being served?

That stuff looks tasty....WoW im never gonna lose any weight now am i..icon_eek.gif
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Magnifico!! That's some great looking ribs you have!
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Thanks all for looking at my Q-View and all the nice comments.
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looks delectable !!
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Nice TLDicon_wink.gif I'm very new to smoking & I've been thinking about tryin some taters. I just had a question? Did you foil them at all?
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Nice job TLD, looks like a great meal there. Like those ribs
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Now thats some good looking rib and potatoes good dinner for me
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