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Flag Day Smoke

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Fired up the Big Block today... an Arm Roast, 2 pork tenderloins, 9 racks of baby backs and a breakfast fatty with a bacon basket-weave...
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Looks great! What time do we eat? icon_lol.gifbiggrin.gif
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Lookin great MoFo.....did all the racks come with your Big Block? or did you have to order more..... i am to assume the big block is the 24'wide model?
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Nothing better than a full looking rig! What kind of wood did you use to kiss those babies?
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Hi dirtman - all 4 racks came with the big block which is the 24 " wide model. Picked it up at Bass Pro Shops in KC last spring for $179.00. I just LOVE IT!

Sumosmoke - I used a combo of apple and hickory.

The tenderloins came out a little dry, but I don't like them anyway and my wife likes her stuff well done, so it will be ok.icon_eek.gif I didn't cut into the arm roast yet. I will slice it up tomorrow after work and use the food saver to freeze until hungry again.icon_lol.gif

The ribs and fatty, however, were just FANTASTIC! IMHO icon_redface.gif
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Hey, NICE looking ribs and awesome fattie too~ really like your weave. I have to try that sometime!

Very well done, bud!
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Looks great.
I just love how you can cook so much good food at one time with one of these kinds of units.
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