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take a look at this!

this is one of the shoulders pulled and ready to eat. the other one, naturally, looked pretty much the same. the flavors were awesome and the rub, mop and pork all worked well together. there was a good balance of flavors in the bark and it was just right in texture.

the only downside was a tennis ball-sized chunk in the middle of each shoulder that wasn't quite melted down and required slicing rather than pulling, but believe me, there were no complaints! the finishing sauce, as always, was great. i can't say enough how much the flavors of this sauce go with pork BBQ and highly recommend this sauce.

i had been getting into the habit of cutting off the fat cap before i apply the rub, but i didn't do it with this one, because i was in a hurry. i will definitely continue to remove the fat cap as i found no difference in juiciness or tenderness. and removing the fat cap does reduce cooking time while adding more useable bark.

all-in-all a good smoke - sorry for not enough q-view at the end, but i was told by mrs. taz that if i took one more picture the camera was going to a place no camera should have to go!
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looks great TW. Nice job....
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Tas..You are the man!!! I lost count ..This was a 12 hour smoke? Points to you Sir!
Thank you for sharing the views...
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That's the way to to it! Nice looking butts, all the way through. Pretty decent bark on them bad boys!

Good job, Tas!

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Outstanding PPB, Tas~ You sure know how to throw down some chow!points.gif
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thanks for checking it out and for the comments, folks ~

OPD - i threw them on the grate right at 0800 and pulled them off at 1945, for 11.5 hours . i should have just waited the last 15 minutes and made it a true 12-hour smoke, but if you count the resting time it was pretty close ~ ;)

frustrating because i know i was SO CLOSE to having it fall aprt all the way through. there's something awesome about rotating a shoulder or pulling it off the smoker and having a big section just slough off, or to grab it by the bone and pull the bone right know you've got good eats then!
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Great looking smoke, Tas. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Only one thing I wanted to point out . . .

I believe it actually forms until the meat reaches 140°.

But aside from all that, youVe got some awesome looking eats there.

points.giffor a great smoke. Heck, keeping a charcoal-fired SnP going for 12 hours is worth some points in my book.icon_mrgreen.gif

Great job.

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>>>I believe it actually forms until the meat reaches 140°.<<<

i believe youa re correct, dave ~ i used to have a great memory but after almost 20 years of marriage and four kids i'm doing good if i can just remember my own name!

thanks for the correction and also thanks to you and all others who gave me points for this one. it was a rewarding smoke where flavor is concerned, that's for sure!
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