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I get to finally smoke somthing this monday night. Monday night is my friday night so I am getting the smoker out and finally get to smoke a brisket. First time in months I have smoked

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Mick, Monday is the first day of my work week so I'm looking forward to your Q-views. I hope all goes well for you. Have fun !
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Don't forget the pics. Always like seeing some good brisket!
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I wont forget to post pics. Gonna inject it etc tonight so it sits for 24 hours before smoke time
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Its friday night for me now and I am getting the smoker ready for my brisket
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hey, mate! looking forward to seeing how it goes. keep us posted and good luck!
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Allrighty! It's Tuesday, and Tuesday is my Tuesday icon_mrgreen.gif so I am definitely looking forward to your pics!!!
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Well its been about 7 hours and sitting at internal temp of 164
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Nice! Are you going to foil soon?
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Ok Mick, I couldn't take it no more. I had to eat 2 Wendys 1/4 double stacks with cheese while waiting for the Qview......icon_biggrin.gif LMAO
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