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Hey, is there anyone else out there that crisps up their bacon wrap in the oven? I use THICK cut bacon in my wraps and when I pull the fattie from the smoker, the bacon is usually totally crispy, so I toss it in the oven at 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes to crisp it up, then let the whole thing rest a bit before slicing.

Was just wondering if I am doing something wrong and if there is a way to crisp that bacon up in the smoker without burning the yard down.
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I usually buy the cheap, thin bacon. It comes out of the smoker crisp.
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Neat idea ...

I've not smoked that many fatties, however I've wrapped some pork tenderloins in thick cut bacon and had the same result as you mentioned; not crisp and a tad undercooked.

The idea of throwing it in the oven to get it crisped up is fine. Might even cook the fatty to within 10 degrees of "doneness" and throw it in the oven for the rest of the cook so as not to risk overcooking the goodies inside.
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Hey SouthOKSmoker. First, using the thinner bacon is a good idea, that will help.
Some people slightly cook their bacon before putting it on the fattie but I haven't tried that one.
A few times I threw them under the broiler to crisp the skin and though it did it also cause the bacon to split. You could also crank up the heat in the smoker or toss the fattie onto an open flame.
Personally I just started doing about half the fatties I smoked without any bacon at all.
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I use thick bacon and it comes out crispy but not hard crispy. I do like it a tad under cooked or soft. Like sumo said I would under cook the fattie and finish in the oven.
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All good info here for ya.

Sounds like your doing everything right! But yes long story short I think most of us use the cheap thin bacon, or just like you do throw it into the oven for a bit (we wont hold that against you icon_lol.gif )
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Whew! Didn't want to break any Fattie etiquette....PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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What temp do you smoke your fattie at? If you keep it a little closer to the 250 maybe even let it go to 260 range that will help crisp your bacon up a little more. Also what they all said about the thin sliced bacon.
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Yep, try the thin, works just as good. Also, you could put it in a frying pan to crisp it up a little, depends on the size of the fattie, or put on the grate on your firebox side
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Use a small propane torch on it right before you pull it off the grill? :D
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