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Advice on a Smoke Hollow #5

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Hey all! Just got a Smoke Hollow #5 and was looking for any advice on mods I should look into. I am curious if temp control will be an issue since it doesnt seem to go down to low. Any and all info will be greatly appreciated from this FNG!
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I have a Smoke Hollow #5. It can be difficult to keep the temp low on a hot day. If you keep it between "Off" and "High" rather than setting your smoker on "Low", you get much better low end control of the temp. I've also used an electric hot plate in it to cold smoke bacon. That worked pretty well too.
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Thanks for the advice. I did my first smoke last weekend. Beer can Chicken, corn and some leftover wings I had in the freezer. It was awesome! I'm definately hooked on smoking now! Im hoping to post some pics when I get some time. Thanks again!
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Can you tell me what the dimensions of the #5 are? The local gander mtn has them on sale but the person on the other end of the phone was not too helpful. Their online site doesn't list the #5.
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The cabinet is 34" tall, 16" wide, and 14" deep.
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I too got a Smoke Hollow # 5 and haven't had a chance to season it. I have been looking on the site for mods. Some of the posts talk about chimneys and needle valves. As a total novice I'm trying to get all the data together before cranking it up.
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