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My first q view butts

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got the fire going at 7 am. added the pork at 7:30. at 10 am I had temps ranging from 115-125. I feel pretty confident I will make the 4-140. I used emans rub. and have been misting with apple juice and crown royal.
I am smoking and cooking with beech wood.
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Good deal Eric! Glad to see yet another Hoosier on here! Good luck and can't wait to see some pics! If you need someone to taste test, I'm available!
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Nine?? That's a lot of butts! Good luck and have fun!
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see if this works

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Nope, pics not showing.
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Eric, I hope things are going well. Let us know how things turn out.
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I hope he didn't fall asleep.
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That was quite and impressive load on the smoker.. Sleep would have been the enemy furshur.. the Q/view should be impressive..


try to load them driectly to the thread.. using the icon five icons from the left. and load them from your computer or photobucket or some other host like the one you have already.. at pbase.

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Looking great, Eric. That's a lotta meat! Keep us posted. smile.gif
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Looking good. Good thing you've got the attack dog ready and waiting for someone to invite themselves over.

Why so many butts? Big party?
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He somehow detected

A bone in the cooker..How he knew there were bones in there I have no idea.He comes in handy when it is time to do the dishes. LOL
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after photos

Introduce myselfThis smokeoff made two nice big pans full of pp
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Looks great, Eric. Nice job! points.gif
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Way to go Eric. Congratulations on a successful smoke.

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looks like they came out great Jeeper!! Nice job!
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that looks great, now I wanna smoke a couple butts icon_lol.gif
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Wow, lota butts goin there! Nice work! Look excellent!
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looks real good Eric-points for the pork
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Nice!! Sweet Dog by the way also
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