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Noob from Scotland

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Oops - I missed this & have already posted. Thanks for all the advice and encoragement I've already had, you're a good bunch.

I've done BBQ Grilling since I was a little kid in Bermuda (moved to Scotland when I was 10 - there's a sudden change of weather for you!).

Over there we'd BBQ Grill 2-3 times a week - more in summer. Over here it's when we get the weather & it's at a weekend (not often). While looking to buy a new BBQ after a bad incident with a gas one (charcoal/wood ONLY for yours truly from now on), I stumbled on some Youtube videos by the BBQ Pit Boyz & fell in love with the idea of long slow smoking instead of searing the sh*t out of everything.

So I've been looking for a smoker & have found one - a Landmann Tennesee offset - which is probably a bit small for lots of you guys - but it fits in my budget & will let me get started and hopefully further up the learning curve.

Troubles I'll have are getting the Scots expressions for the cuts of meat you guys use, but I know a butcher and we'll get there, also getting some of the stuff you use (ingredients & hardware) can be a bit more tricky over here - but I'll find a way. By the way, no doubt I'll use some scots expressions that confuse people as well - just ask & I'll explain.

Things I'm most looking forward to smoking: RIBS, a beef roast, beerbutt chicken & when I can get hold of the right cuts - pulled pork & brisket. My folks live in the country so rabbit, pheasant, duck & venison could appear on the menu too.

No doubt my folks'll insist on some hot smoked salmon & trout, they live near a good salmon river, but a fishing license is expensive so it'll be a midnight trip to do some guddling (also known as tickling) biggrin.gif - just need to avoid the ballies, gamekeepers & the police icon_eek.gif.

Once I've got my confidence up I might have to try some more traditional scots foods on the smoker - I've a feeling smoked haggis, black pudding & possibly even stovies will be popular with the friends & familly.

Away from cooking I'm a football fanatic (and I mean real football that you all call soccer wink.gif - think I'll need the tinhat on for that comment PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif), being a Glasgow Celtic season ticket holder for over 20 years, I also play a bit of poker, one of my poker mates just won a bracelet at the WSOP last night - shame I've his passion for the game without his skills icon_sad.gif .

Thanks again for the warm welcome I've already received!!

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Welcome to SMF, Rod. Nice to officially meet you. smile.gif
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Welcome Rod, it sounds like you'll bring an interesting array of dishes to the SMF! Definitely want to see some Q view from Scotland!
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Welcome Rod to SMF. Hope you enjoy yourself here and have many happy smokes. Your expression sound just like we do here in North Caralina. I understood everything you said.
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Thanks JDT - that'll do nicely. I'm pretty sure there's another word for a Boston Butt over here - but wee Talker (the butcher) will be able to find me some I'm sure.

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Welcome to SMF Rod, you're going to love it here. You might want to check out this place for your ingredients & hardware...it's sort of local for you :)

Good luck with your quest.
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Aloha Rod, Welcome to the Forum. I hope it won't be long before you can start posting views of your Smokes. I'm looking forward to them.
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Thanks for the great introduction, and welcome to the SMF. You'll find plenty of great advise from our friendly members. Looking forward to your next smoke & Q.
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the boston butt falls into the shoulder category, the second link has a little pig breakdown that labels the butt as the front upper shoulder, the blade roast is what they are sometimes called here. Glad to help
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Welcome aboard! Lots of nice people on here w/unbelievable knowledge.

I'd love to see some rabbit and haggis (I LOVE the stuff)! In fact, once you get good at it all, you can throw a big 'ol bbq party for your friends and family for Hogmanay!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Welcome to the forum Rod.
I love that we can all get together and discuss BBQ.
It's a world wide passion.
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lang may yer smoker reek!
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icon_lol.gifAye, cheers fur that mucker, hopefully it'll be gaun like a guid yin afore ower lang. biggrin.gif Whaur ye fae onyway?
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Welcome to SMF! When ya do the rabbit let us see some pics with the description. Looking forward to your twist on things.
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biggrin.gif Had to read it twice to put it all together.

I'm Canadian, but my mother and her family are from Aberdeen.
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welcome to SMF Rod-I think I will pass on the haggis ty
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Ah well, Doric (Aberdonian) is a totally different language so I can't blame you. I don't understand Aberdonian when they speak broad icon_lol.gif
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Hey buddy welcome x2 how long have ya been over in good old scotland ? BRILLIANT !!!

by the way a nice recipie for Scottish Meat Pies would be great..growing up a buddy of mines family was from scotland and those meat pies were delectable...
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What kind of pies?

These (Scotch Pie - made with Mutton)?

Traditional Steak Pie for Ne'erday?

Another kind (there are a few)?

If I don't have a recipe I can guarantee my Mum will.
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