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Where do you get your lube?????

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Hi guys and gals I was wondering what type of lubracation you use for your grinder when you are done with it? I sure don't want my plates rustin up.
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I get mine from Butcher Packer, "Haynes Spray" - works great, one can lasts and lasts!
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I use the same stuff or food grade silicone grease for the spot where the worm presses on the bushing. You can buy the food grade silicone spray lube from cabela's too. Just be sure to wash off whatever you use before using your grinder.
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At Walgreens...why?.... LOLicon_lol.gifredface.gif
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I have been using Pam spray for about 10 years. No problems yet.
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I just like your title to the thread!
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Yeah what he said!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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I've just been using Crisco shortening on the grinder. After I wash the knife and plates, I coat with vegetable oil and store in a zippy type bag.
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What James B said. I also have throw in those little pouches that absorb the moisture from one of the supplements I take.
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I coat mine in veggie oil and seal up most of the parts in a vacuum bag.
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I just use a light coating of Pam also. So far no problems. I do kinda worry about it getting rancid, so I always wash every thing off before I start a session. I made some storage sleeves out of foam packing material, then store them in zip lock bags. I think I posted this just before the big crash and it got lost.
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I use pam spray. good so far. just been doinging it 20 prob yet.
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I do the same as JamesB hot soapy water super hot rinse, pat dry with towel and coat with cooking oil and put in zip lock bag. When I ready to use them, I just rewash them. Never had any problems.
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