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Smoked/Seared Rib Steaks w/Short-Rib Rub

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We got a price break on these ones. The regular price is rediculous, isn't it?

Rubbed and into the Hickory smoke:

1 hour in, rotated 180* on the grate:

2 hours in, time to pull for a sear:

1st side seared and ready to flip:

Ready for plating:

Medium/well, and still juicy and tender. Served with Fire-Roasted Vegetable Blend and Corn:

The Rub I used was from the Beef Short Rib smoke I did a week or so back. I had some left over, so I put to use.

Here's the link to the rub recipe, if you're interested:

Nice touch of heat to it. Wife said it had too much pepper...huh? LOL!!! Oh well, she liked it on the Ribs.

Hmmm....I may have to try that rub with a bit less salt on my next beef roast, or maybe a BRISKY, just to see how it would go...

Thanks for lookin'!

Great smokes to all!

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Looks great, Eric. Makes me want to drag one of the roasts out of the freezer and do another one. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Good looking plate of meat! I like mine medium rare.biggrin.gif
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Nice looking ribeyes, still pricey though compared to here. I like that 9 + dollar a pound price, NOT.

The last ones I bought were like 4.77, livable for me.

Nice Plate also.
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Man Eric that looks good! I think I'll do some up with your rub this weekend. Thanks for sharing the Q-view.
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Nice looking steaks there! Huge pictures, but made me even hungrier....thanks for sharing!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Very nice looking rib eyes there Eric and a good plate of food. Now thats the way I'm used to cooking steaks but smoke one they're great.
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