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Pork Shoulders and Brisket Flat w/QView

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Hey all,
Did my first long cook on the ProQ Excel 20 a few weeks ago.

Charcoal ring filled with lump, chunks of Cherry and Oak and whiskey chips.
Tried a new method with the coals this time.
Lit 20 coals in chimney, then once they were ready, dumped into center of ring and removed coffee can.

Prepared a pork shoulder picnic with Bad Byrons and injected it with a pear nectar mixture. Rubbed the boston butt down with Dizzy Dust and injected it with an Apple juice mixture.

Slathered and rubbed the 5 lb brisket flat with Blues Hog/Black Barts combo rub and, since there was very little fat on it, covered with a sheet of pork fatback.

Everybody in the smoker! Brisky on the bottom.

Temps fluctuated a bit, but I am still learning this baby.

Brisket ready! I couldn't wait to taste it.

More Brisket pics:

Placed the shoulder and butt in pans and foiled around 165.
Spritzed with apple and pear juices and back into smoker.

Finished products:


Boston Butt:

They were then wrapped in foil, thrown in a cooler with a bunch of towels and crumpled newpaper and pulled and served 4 hours later at a Church BBQ breakfast. (gotta see if anyone took pics that morning)

This was a lot of fun.
I cant wait to smoke the other half of the butt next week!

Hope you enjoyed the QView!

Holy Smokes aka Kevin
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Kevin - that was a mighty fine job on the brisket and butt! The smoke ring you got on the beef was a rich pink color so I bet that tasted great! Points for your excellent work!
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Church BBQ breakfast, well it sure looks like something to sing praise about! Great job, brisket looked delicious. Any pics of folks enjoying your Q at the breakfast?
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Thanks Sumo,

It came out pretty good.
I've tasted better.
Got a couple of things I want to try differently next time.
I'm still learning. This board has been a great resource and encouragement for me.

Holy Smokes, AKA Kevin.
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I believe someone took a snapshot of the menu and the spread.
I'll ask the person who hosted the breakfast.

Holy Smokes AKA Kevin
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Nice job, Kevin. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif It all looks great.
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Great Food

Awesome smoke Kevin, nice! Where'd you get the sheet of fatback?
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Looks great Kevin. thanks for the nice q-view....Nice job
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I love the sheet of fatback! Brisket and pork look great - congrats on a successful cook.
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Looks tasty as Hell PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Thanks Rivet,

I stumbled upon at my local ShopRite Supermarket.
I was trying to find Lard or Manteca.
I went to 4 different stores.
I guess they don't make it any more with all the concern about polyunsaturated fats.

Holy Smokes, AKA Kevin
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Good job Kevin!
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Fantastic job Kevin! Noce smoke ring on the brisket.
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Great Job Kevin. Looks like some mighty tasty meat therePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice work Kevin!

Pear nectar? How was that? I love drinking the stuff, sounds like it would be really nice with pork. Better than apple? Curious minds want to know.
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Thanks Dude,

My tests were inconclusive probably because I used different cuts.
If I tried it on both halves of the butt, I probably could accurate report my findings.
Both were moist, the shoulder had a better smoke ring the butt had more flavor.
That just means that I got to do this all over again!

Holy Smokes, AKA Kevin
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