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I had a plan to smoke a ham with strawberry jam

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I've read a few posts on here where people rave about smoked ham, or double smoked as it were.

I was able to pick one up for $.99lb

Threw it on over hickory with some poultry I was smoking (I'll post that delicious endeavor later) so the temp was higher than "normal". I was running around 300 for the first few hours of the ham.

Sprayed occasionally with apple juice to keep it from drying out

After 4 hours I slathered it with some strawberry jam I slightly heated to make it easier to brush, I figured strawberry might be good on ham.

Pulled it off once the internal temp hit 165 and let it rest for a few minutes while I tended to other things.

Sliced it up and gave it a try

My conclusion?
It was good, didn't have the "ham" flavor like one done in the oven but it was still there. The strawberry was delicious on the outside I just wish it had created more of a crust as it was still a little sticky in the end.
The smoke was a tad heavier than I thought it would be but definitely didn't ruin anything.
Would I do it again? Sure, if I find another great deal on a ham I would definitely do it again but maybe next time a mango pineapple rub...

Thanks for looking, I have plenty leftover so if anyone wants I'll cut you off a few slicesicon_smile.gif
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Hey there FiU, we'll take a couple three slices over here! Nice looking ham you made, and I love the strawberry idea. Great imagination makes for good recipes. I'll have to try that later this month when my kids come to visit, I know they will love the strawberry idea. I'm thinking on a fattie too.....

Great stack of meat you had on your SnP...well done! Always nice to see your pics, you make a pretty feast- Thanks for sharing.
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Nice job, it sure looked good. Want my address I'll take some?
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It might not have developed the crust/bark quite like you wanted, but it still looks too dang good to be LEGAL! LOL!!!!!!

VERY nice double-smoked ham in my eyes!

Thanks for sharing.

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points for your idea, FiU - it looks great to me -

there might be a way to help it crust up without turning black - if anyone has ideas this looks like something worth perusing!
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strawberry glaze

This is a pineapple glaze I have used. If you replaced the pineapple with strawberry it might work and give you the crusty glaze you were looking for.

1 jar (8 oz.) Gulden's Spicy brown mustard
2 cans (8 1/4 oz. each) Dole crushed pineapple in syrup, undrained
2/3 c. honey
1/2 tsp. ground ginger

Mix everything up and bring to a boil then simmer for 5-6 minutes then brush on ham when almost done (30-45 MIN LEFT) three or four times brushing on usually works and gives a pineapple and sweet / spicy flavor to the crust that I like.
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Couple questions for you . . . when you say it didn't have the "ham" flavor, what do you mean? Please elaborate. Also, if you had it to do over again, would you use less smoke or a different wood?
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By the "ham" flavor I meant it just didn't have that salty cured ham tastiness I though it would, but cutting into it again the next day I realized the problem. The part I was cutting in to for sampling was thinner, raised up a bit and absorbed a lot more smoke than the rest.

After I cut into it more it was really good.
Next time I do one I'll try a different wood also, something sweeter.
Maybe some maple.
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That looks delicious FiU. Nice work.
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