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first smoke

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I am getting ready to try my first smoke. I have a Smoke Hollow #5 Propane model. I was thinking of doing a whole chicken to start. I was looking for any suggestions on steps and procedures to use. Thanks in advance. BTW I love this place!
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Aloha Birdman,

Try to get a good digital thermometer; so you can monitor the temps in the smoker. Those stock guages on the smokers are usually off. I usually smoke my whole chicken at 240. I usually smoke the chicken until the internal temp of the chicken is at about 180. At the temp I smoke,the skin doesn't crisp up though. If you like crisp skin,you can put it in the oven after you pull it from the smoker. I've also been told that the skin could be crisped if the chicken is put on a hot grill after its pulled.
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