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Rick, This is kind of by design, but I CAN even the temps out if I want if I was doing a small hog or say all pork butts, etc...

Here is how it works for anyone that cares. tongue.gif

My baffle is like this:

This is actually a picture of the Horizon convection plate, which is what I wanted MY baffle to look like. I have a steel plate to put OVER the permanent baffle with holes. When the additional plate is put on there, it creates 2-3 different temp zones...with the additional plate off, the Horizon-type baffle evens out the temps better, but I still have a 10 - 15° difference from side to side sometimes...depending on target temp and wind conditions. I notice that once I hit the 240-245° mark, the temps really even out well. If I'm trying to go at 225 and not any hotter, then there is more of a temp swing from side to side. This doesn't bother me because I really prefer the 240° mark when it comes to smoking almost anything.
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Hey Bman, who did you use for shipping? I'm afraid having this shipped (freight) from OK to PA is going to cost more than the smoker itself.

Any suggestions? I don't care how long it takes, as long as it's reasonable and that's a bit much for a road trip.
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This thread seems to have drifted off the original topic, so let me chime in on that.

I also recently bought the Royal Oak offset smoker from Lowe's. While more expensive than the Chargriller and similar models, it seemed more solidly build to me. Yes, it is not a 1/4 " metal unit or anything, but I like the metal external shelves, metal wheels, and the doors are fairly heavy for something in the lower priced category. I did "the standard mods" (home-built baffle, lowered smoke stack intake to grill height, home-built charcoal basket). I am able to hold a pretty even temp across the food chamber.

I think this is a solidly build unit, though not in the really heavy duty category, but it is about half of the price of those units. I would recommend this for its price range.
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I saw it yesterday at lowes and it is definitely better than the silver smoker (like I have) and Chargrillers. A little thicker and more solid. I like the grates better too. The size is bigger too so you can hold more meat. I didn't see the smoke chamber they just had the grill (main smoker chamber) set up.
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It's 40x18 with no top rack capability. That works out to 720 sq inches of capacity.
The CGSP is 29x20, and has an additional 28x10 top rack. Therefore it has 860 sq inch capacity. Knock off about 40 sq in. for the stack extension, and you still have 820 sq inches available.

The SilverSmoker is something like 38x16, for 600 sq in capacity.
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I can't seem to find a web site for Royal Oak that would give details on this. Would like to know how thick the metal is.
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