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N00b from IL, full of questions, seeking long term relationship with meat

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Yep. 25 years old. Quasi-religious when it comes to homebrewing. Gun Nut, Sarcasm Spe******t. Believe it or not I'm actually one of the maybe twelve Americans who make regular use of their gym memberships (impulse buy! GOD BLESS CAPITOLISM), so I've fallen in love with a hobby that should help replace a my love handles. Everything in ballance....

I like DIYing to the point of being obsessive, so even my grill started life as a piece of sturdy garbage (popcorn tin!). One day I found this butt roast in my folks deep freeze, so I went ahead with the general Idea I found at It wound up a little creosote-y but made for great omlettes. I'm sure a couple people here have made trashcan smokers themselves and I wish to pick, and possibly steal, their brains.

First question: What breaks down creosote really really fast? I was told engine degreaser but cancer already runs in my family...
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1. careful with galvanized trash cans!
2. For creosote I use a power washer
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us.
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Welcome from another Illinoisan. Do a search on UDS if you're looking for a great smoker that is simple to use and very, very cost affective.

Where in IL are ya?
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Cheech, people repeatedly told me that, but they ate the pork butt all the samewink.gif... I knew for a fact that zinc needs to get to about 900F to start doing anything scary... But low and behold as I spray what creosote that I can off the interior the galvanizing is starting to flake off icon_redface.gif... Not great.

RickW: In Woodstock (northwest of Chicago) and before anyone says it, if I hear one more groundhog's day reference I'm gonna commit sepuku... LOL.
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Hey TrashCan, Have I got a deal for you!!!!! A brand new smoker (never used) with cover and some wood. $90.00 takes it all and I'm pretty close to Woodstock (Elgin). Send me a pm if yer interested.

(And don't knock groundhog if ya haven't smoked it!!!!!!)icon_lol.gif

Added: It's a Brinkman electric smoker. Looks like this but red in color.
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Yeah, you're up there a bit, I'm down in Wilmington.
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Welcome to the SMF. Looks like you might be upgrading your hardware soon. It's all good my friend.
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