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Brinkmann Pitmaster

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Hey guys,

I got a Brinkmann Pitmaster,

Any tips or knowledge on this smoker? It was a hand me down and I'm just trying to get used to the smoking aspect of it. Previous user used it primarily for grilling. Anyone know anything about this one?
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I don't own that type of smoker but you will find this link interesting. It has the mods you can do to improve smoking on an offset. This will get you started I'm sure
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I got my Brinkman Pitmaster for free also. If you got the one with the side firebox you are way ahead of the game. I did not. There are several mods you can find on the forums for the Brinkman if you have the firebox. If not I would suggest getting a firebox and adding it or buying another smoker. That being said… I have used my Brinkman without a firebox for a few years and have done hams, chicken, turkey, pulled pork; you name it, with good results. Stick burning can be difficult as it requires a good working knowledge of your smoker’s tendencies and a near constant state of vigilance. Here is a really useful link with the basics for creating that TBS (Thin Blue Smoke). If you’re starting out then this will be invaluable. If you pair it with 5 day Smoking eCourse you’ll save yourself some heart ache and jump straight to the good eatin’. Here are those links:
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