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Caprise Fattay

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YUM this was a great smoke.. one fattay , four racks and ABTs... the fattay I made a day in advance..

Caprice fattay

1lb hot italian sausage local bought in bulk
3 Roma Tomatoes
2 pakages of FRESH basil
3/4 a Costco belgeouiso Bullafo Motzerella
1 pkg Pepper Crust Thick Bacon

Pictures You want pictures!

Cutting the Ingredients

Placing the goods on the Sausage sheet

And thats a Wrap

On the the Load of the day

and the Finished Product

AND the View inside after a bit of sitting

This Fattay was a hit .. everyone liked it and there was only one piece left that I had this morning! delicous! it was smoked for the same 3hrs with the ribs in the shot and was taken off after 5hrs.. a bit of over kill on the smoke BUT it was saturated with good ness.. not bad for a lazy unemployed tuesday!!


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That looks great HeliBoy, beautiful work.
Some really nice ingredients, buffalo mozz...Mmmmm.....
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That looks awesome!!! biggrin.gif
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Great post! Thanks.
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Nice job Heliboy, looks great.
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Oh, I'm going to have to try this. Been wondering what to do with the basil I've been growing...GREAT looking FATTAY Heliboy!!
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Everything looks good but that fatty is what caught my eye!!! Nice looking, fresh, ingredients, plus a pretty weave, made it look almost too good to eat! Thanks for sharing!!
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Hey, nice work on that fattie, especially with the it! Thanks for sharing points.gif
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Looks awesome Heli...and I like the little spin on the name, almost like a little European snobish accent or something, which is hilarious! (I will have some grey poupon with my Caprise' Fattay!).

Buffalo Mozz sounds like a winner with some fresh basil. Points all the way around!points.gif
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truly a work of art, heliboy! you've earned points for that!
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I haven't done a fattie in quite a while. Now you've got me thinking. Nice work.
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