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Did your wife hit you with a rolling pin, for spending the extra money?
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just figured i'd point out that the WSM 18.5" and 22.5" are $260 and $377 on amazon right now, which they were at $298 and $398 yesterday.

Kinda irks me, I bought the 18.5" for $268 from their "amazon warehouse deals", because it was listed as a damaged box, but still factory sealed. Smoker was fine, but hate to see the price drop like that 2 days after I bought mine!
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No, she did not hit me with a rolling pin but that was probably because i was closer to it than she was when the yelling started.

I didn't mind paying the $299 since I walked out with the unit that was already put together.
Saved me a lot of time.
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Glad to hear you like the WSM, that's what I am thinking about for my smoker purchase. I might have to wait until next year, having a propane grill, the Weber Kettle, and my ECB (electric) - I would get hit with a rolling pin if I brought home another cooker. Plus - with all the rain we have had over the past month and a half, not a lot of smoking going on these days!!!
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Did you ever get the Smokenator? I recall you were thinking it over a few weeks ago.
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Saw a WSM at the local place near my moms house . Originally 299$
Marked down a bit from that , and I mentioned that if they still have them later in the year and the price drops to 200$ that I'd really like to grab one.
The "Look" I received for that statement made it kinda clear that if I showed up at home with one I would not have to worry about a rolling pin . Cast Iron is more her style

But the rolling pin chase makes a funny mental pic

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A little late to the thread, but Ill give my feedback on the WSM.

My smoker is a chargriller offset, but a friend loaned me a WSM, and I have used it pretty much every weekend since May 9th. I have to return it next week when we get together for a fried chicken crawl.

This is my impressions of the WSM after about 15 uses:

- great at holding temperature
- light it and forget it, no messing with vents, etc.
- compact
- uses less fuel than my offset does
- turns out a pretty good rack of ribs

- capacity compared to an offset
- price - $300 is a tough sell for my wife

If the price was right I would buy one.
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