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Noobie From Illinois

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Hey Folks, I'm a new smoker from Illinois. I am a fairly good griller, I always get grill duty at every party, but I am venturing into the world of smoking.biggrin.gif Be prepared for quetions.
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Welcome to SMF, Matt. Glad you joined us.
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Great ta have ya here Matt...welcome aboard!
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Welcome Fred, any questions you may have we'll be happy to help.
Glad you made the jump into the world of thin blue smoke.
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Welcome to the froum Matt from a fellow Illinoian!!
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Welcome aboard Fred! Greetings from a former Illini.
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Matt this place will get you there in a hurry. Search and try different smokes. Its great learning.
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Welcome to the forum Matt! Glad to have you aboard. :)
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Hey from a fellow noob and Il rez.
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Welcome to SMF. Our numbers ( Illinoisans ) seem to be growing.
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