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Chicken & Twiced Baked Potatoes on the drum

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I smoked some chicken and potatoes on my drum the other day for company.
First I brined the chicken in a mixture of water, kosher salt, cracked black pepper, red pepper flakes, onions, garlic and a bay leaf.

Put them in my drum with some hickory...

Added my twice baked potatoes after about an hour...

Let the potatoes smoke until heated through.. about 20 minutes.

I love smoked twice baked potatoes. :)

Also made a strawberry trifle for dessert...

Thanks for checking out my chicken & tater smoke!
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That all looks amazing Jeanie!!
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I've only done twice baked/smoked potatoes once and they were the premade frozen kind but they were still delicious, I bet yours were amazing. They sure looked it.
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So, Jeanie...are you going to start-up a Bbq eat-in/take-out? If anyone could pull it off, you could!!!!!!! As long as you have a good location in mind...

Nice plate!!! Thanks for sharing!

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Real nice meal your company was as impressed as I am!!!
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Awesome! That entire meal looks so tasty! Great plated pics.

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You got the luckiest company in the world. I bet i could round a couple hundred more. Looks good Jeanie.
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Excellent as always wish I lived closer PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yeeee-haw! That plate looked fantastic! Never smoked twide baked potatoes but I'm going to now biggrin.gif
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Somewhere down the line, the word " Artist " has to come into play.
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Great job..Chicken looks very moist.

If ya don't open a bbq joint, you should at least write a
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Thank you everybody! You're a kind group of friends. cool.gif
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Those pics are just oozing with flavor! Bet no one went away hungry!
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Another home run!!
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Looks fantastic as always Jeanie!
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I see smoked chicken in my future. Your pictures always inspire me to eat!


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