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New in town

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Im looking to get into smoking. Just curious on everyones opinions on the different types and whats good to start on without breaking the bank. Not sure if I should go propane, charcoal, or electric. Im open to your suggestions. Thanks
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Welcome birdman.
As far as smoker it really depends on what you would be willing to spend.
Under or over $100 can make a big difference in the kind of smoker that would suit your needs best.

Personally I started out on an electric Brinkman gourmet, dented for $45.
I turned out many a good smoke but eventually had to go bigger.
Next I got my current baby, a Brinkman Smoke-N-Pit (charcoal) for $158 and I love it.
With some help I was able to turn a great (and not very expensive) smoker into a piece of art that pumps out some thin blue beauty.
Depending on your budget and if you want to check the smoekr every 20 or so minutes or every few hours all makes a difference.
No matter hwat you decide I wish you a happy smoke.
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im thinking im going to be leaning more to propane or electric. Im afraid i wont have the time to tend to the charcoal as I have an 18 month old and a newborn. my budget is probably around $200.
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Welcome and enjoy the forum. I like the MES. I'm usually to busy to sit and tend it. Just have to stop by and check internal temps and throw some chips in every 30-40 min.

Good luck which ever way you go.
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MES sounds like the way to start for you, within your budget and is user friendly so you can tend to the most inportant item the 18 month youngen.
good luck and happy smoken keep us posted we like lots of qviews.
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us.
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Welcome to the forum. Glad you found us. There's a lot of information here from a lot of great folks who are willing to share their knowledge.
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I second the electric for starting out. MES machines are good. I do lots of smokes on my cheapy Char Broil H2O. Works great for me. Good luck.
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Does anyone have any opinions on these models? I already have a $100 Gift Card from Christmas I somehow forgot and just found. I can find something else to use it on, but thought it might be worth checking into. I dont really need the 7 in 1 for its other features as I have a turkey fryer and a gas and charcoal grill.
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Well hello there, and welcome to the SMF. Take your time and research before you make that first purchase. Think of how often you'll be smoking, how much time you have to smoke, what type of fuel will work in your weather zone, and always try to buy bigger than what you think you might need. It's all good my friend.
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Welcome to SMF birdman...glad ta have ya here!
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I have never used a gas or electric. I started off with a 22 1/2 weber and a cheap (free) brinkman upright charcoal. Made a lot of good smokes on both. Now I have a CGSP with SFB that I have done mods to. I think I got it at Home depot on sale for around 160 bucks. You just have to buy what looks good to you for what you are going to use it for. Welcome aboard and happy smoking to you
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Welcome to the SMF....As you can see..a lot of good folk here willing to help. Take your time and try to get the biggest one you can afford for now. Have fun and post pictures when you can.
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Welcome to the fun - I personally was looking to move from gas back to charcoal/wood for flavor reasons. I am new to smoking, but have done years, and years of grilling - so I wanted something that I could do double duty with. After much looking around I picked the Char-griller Smokin Pro 800 w/ side fire box. It has the side box for smoking, and with a few simple mods (provided by fine folks on this forum) it apperantly makes a darn good smoker. Then for grilling it has and adjustable charcoal pan in under the main cooking area for doing burgers and what not. Picked mine up at Lowe's for $210.
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Thanks for all your help everyone. I ended up going with a Smoke Hollow #5 Gas Smoker. Cant wait to get started!
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