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Weber doner for UDS

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I finally got a Weber doner today. Found it on Craig's for $10.00. Here it is. A little rough but it will clean up good enough.

I'm looking for a little guidance here on the whole process. How does one cut the top two inches off the lower kettle? I am sure I don't have that tool!

Don't the handles on the lower kettle have to come off too? Looks like they are spot welded on. How do you remove them without damaging the unit?

Does the lid need another vent installed? Seems I might be losing some exhaust, maybe I'm wrong.

How do you ultimately attach the rim to the drum? I envision stainless bolts through the drum and rim. Am I on the right track with this?

OK, I think that's enough questions for tonight icon_lol.gif

Thanks for your input!
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Billbo, I used aluminum flat stock 1/8" thick by 1" wide an rolled ta the diameter a the drum. I pop rivited this ta the drum. That way the weber lid won't slide of the top a the drum.

All I use is the weber vent, works fine.
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Tip, did you rivet it to the outside of the drum or inside?
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A friend of mine did it for me. He used a circular saw with a fine tooth metal cutting blade.

If you use the bottom, the handles need to come off. Don't try to pry them off (like I did icon_redface.gif) or you'll have to patch the hole with woodstove gasket cement. Cutting them off with a hacksaw blade works okay though.

The one original vent seems to work just fine.

That's what I did and then I used a piece of wood stove gasket to fill in the gap and then filled that in and molded the gasket cement for the final edge. It's kind of a PITA to get the ring bolted in and not warp it when you're tightening it since it is smaller than the diameter of the drum.

Here's the thread on how I did mine. I wanted to use the Weber bottom so that it would match up with the Weber rotissierie unit -- which I have yet to purchase. biggrin.gif

If you're not worried about any Weber accessories fitting on the rim and just want to add the lid to the drum. . .

I would do it Tip's way. It sounds a WHOLE lot easier that what I did.biggrin.gif

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The way mine fit up the lip wen't inside the drum. Held it in place with a couple c clamps while I drilled an riveted the lip in. Wasn't to hard really.

I'll try an get a pic tanight.
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A pic would be great Tip. That would help me out a lot. Thanks!
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That might give ya an idear billbo. Wasn't to hard ta do really. Aluminum is nice stuff ta work with.
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Thanks Tip! If I am looking right that is on the inside of the drum. I don't have a rivet gun but I bet I could bolt it in ok.
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Yup, the way my lid fits my drum, the strip wen't inside the drum. Sure, bolts would work just as well.
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That's a great idea, Tip.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Sure is better than some of the other ideas I have heard like pounding the lip flat then trying to reform it to the drum.


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I think it also depends on your drum. I think this meathod will work with mine but I am not sure yet. Need to get a better look this weekend and see. Like you said DDave sure beats haveing to mod the drum itself by pounding or cutting.

Stay tuned!
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