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Fresh Beef Back Ribs W/ Meat W/ Qview

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Hard to find sometimes are the ribs that haven't been gouged out by some machine and then frozen for a cheap price, I won't even buy them.

I looked in my local Kroger's meat display and saw some fresh ones for 2.99. Nope, anothe dollar I can buy some meat. I wandered over to where they had some gouged out ones for 1.49 and found this.

Not the meatiest I have gotten but they didn't have some machine carving out the meat.

1.49 a pound.

Rubed with yoshidas and garlic and lemon pepper.

Carol asked me to smoke some meatballs for a friend of hers, we had some frozen from Sam's so I tossed them in also.

I am going to smoke the ribs at 250' to see if I can render the fat for 2 hours and go from there.

More to come.

Thanks for watching.
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Looking good, Ron. I'll be interested to see how the meatballs turn out too.
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I have rarely seen good beef racks down here. Always seem to opt out for the individually cut ribs. Atleast I can tell when they are meaty.
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Looks good so far Ron, can't wait to see the final product!
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I don't see them here unless they are called short ribs here, and they are very fatty.
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Great score Ron! Amazing the price cut due to little differences.
Only smoked beef ribs a few times but they are incredible.
Looking forward to another fine Qview.
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looking forward to the smoke!
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All Done

So far as the meatballs they really liked them at Carol's work.

I smoked them for about 4 1/2 hours.

I added some Sweet Baby Rays sauce for the last hour.

Sorry for the crummy picture here.

I was only going to eat 2 bones but had 4 instead, they were really good.

Thanks for watching.
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Hey Ron,
Great ribs

Meatball question: Were they precooked and you just tossed em on for some smokiness?
Or did you cook them on the smoker?
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They were frozen pre cooked from Sam's club. I just wanted to add some flavor.
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Real nice lookin beefies Ron....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Homerun Ron, homerun!!!
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Great grub as usual Ron. Thanks for the view.
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