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Smoked thighs & stuffed mushrooms

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Here's some thighs and shrooms I did this evening.

Rubbed the thighs with my standard rub & another batch with no salt for my F-I-L.

Stuffed the mushrooms with crumbled bacon, bread crumbs, grated parmesean, shredded cheddar & topped with swiss.

Missing one already!!!!

Missing a shroom as well

Plated with tomato mac n cheese

Thanks for viewing!
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Looks great! Chicken seems like it has a nice coating on it, and those've got my mouth watering.
Everything looks great, what's the deal with tomato mac-n-cheese? Might have to give that a try.
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sure beats the ramen noodles i had earlier
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Hey now Bradey, nothing wrong with some ramen noodles.
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You did very well on the chicken and shroomers! Congratulations~!
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Looks might tasty Coop, love the looks of your shrooms. :)
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Everything looks great. What temp did you smoke the schrooms at and for about how long?
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Take a little leftover smoked meat..... couple tablespoons of cream cheese.... add some fresh green onions and you have a meal. Love them noodles.

Coop! The chicken and mushrooms are......

Gonna have to kill me a bird!
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Thighs are my favorite and yours look great.
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