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A little ribbing, a little butt, and fillet of Salmon for the family

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My wife's sister came up from Jackson Wyoming for the week to visit us, just the excuse to try a bit of everything in the smoker icon_lol.gif.

I trimmed up 2 racks of pork side ribs, kept the riblets for later in the freezer (after all, want to have the nice bits for visitors! biggrin.gif) and seasoned with a dry rub.

Got a little pork shoulder (3.4 lb) to go with them and kept to a small one so the times would be about right all together. A dry rub for that too.

I put the temp probe in the shoulder and got that in the MES by 11:30am on Saturday. I'd preheated the smoker an hour, with water in the pan, before getting the food going.

Temp set at 240F and put into the smoke tray 2 charcoal briquettes and a chunk of apple 1x1x3 inches to get it started. After that, a mix of hickory and apple chips were added as needed.

The ribs needed a little folding to fit the rack uncut, but they joined the shoulder in the smoker, on the higher rack, at 1:30pm. A drip pan with a cup of water in it caught the shoulder and rib dripping for making sauce later.

By 3pm, the shoulder had reached 163F. That came out for foiling then back in with a spray of apple juice, apple cider vinegar, and a little spiced rum until it hit 195F. The ribs stayed naked another hour, then into the foil for them too with a little apple juice. The ribs did their 2 hours in foil then naked again for the last hour.

Meanwhile, there was bread and buns to make and a fillet of Atlantic salmon to get ready.

I made up a small batch of Dutch's Maple syrup and ginger glaze to mop the salmon. The 1 lb salmon fillet went on a small rack in a stainless steel pan to catch its own drippings and that fit right on the top rack of the smoker at 5:30pm.

The salmon stayed in until 7pm with just apple wood smoke and a mop of the glaze every 20 minutes or so. The air temp at the salmon (at the top, near the vent) held at about 200F when the salmon was in. It came out juicy and fork tender but not at all overdone.

So, we had ribs and pork shoulder,

taken apart for pulled pork sandwiches and fresh made buns

and the finished product

including some grilled yellow and green peppers, asperagus, and baked potatos.

Thanks for checking it out. Best wishes and 'good eats'!
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very nice thanks for the qview.
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Very nice, looks yummo.
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You were busy! Nice job. Everything looks great. Did you make the breads?
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Thanks for sharing - Everything looks tasty!
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Nice lookin' meal there, Farnsworth!

Thanks for sharing!

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Awesome looking grub PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yes, a loaf of bread for the boys so they wouldn't tell me they'd starve before dinner and the buns for the pulled pork. My wife made up a pavlova merange for dessert with raspberries, blackberries and cherries to finish off the meal.

And some 'smores by the fire out back...

Well, that and the wine.

And the coffee with rum.

But mostly that was it icon_lol.gif.

My wife can't eat wheat, so no bread for her, but I've a recipe for gluten-free pancakes that I made for her next day for breakfast to make up for it.

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Ummm, hello!!! Great looking and great sounding meal!
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Nice selection and variety of food!

Looking great! keep that family happy!
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With a spread like that I mite have to come see you. Very nice job on all the food and fixin's
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