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Reheating pulled pork

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I am about to do a party for about 40 people. I want to smoke the day before. Do I need to freeze or can I just put the pork in a pan and cover with foil. Also what is the best way to reheat if it is not frozen? thanks
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let the butts properly rest, then pull and put into foiled oven safe pans and in the fridge. tomorrow, open the pans and hit them with soflaquers and then put them in a 350* oven for 30 min or so. that what i do, but there are other ways too.
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Agreed. However, if you don't care for the finishing sauce, you can also add a couple splashes of apple juice instead. Shoulders are one of those things that just might be better reheated.
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I did this same thing this past weekend and someone on here suggested putting the pork in zip lock bags and placing them in slow boiling water.

Let tell you it worked like a champ, and didn't take that long either, I was surprised at how fast it heated up, plus it retained it's moisture and didn't dry out.

I wish I could remember who suggested it so I could give them credit.
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Foil pan, moisture of your liking, and heat at 250* until the temp of your choice.
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Chicken stock. What a wonderful product. When we do a production run of Pork we will pull it after a short rest, add the liquid from the wraper and 1 can of chicken stock with a shot of our house BBQ sauce, then freeze it quickly. The package comes out to 7 pounds total and will feed 25 for dinner. The beauty of this process for us is the meat stays moist and tender through the reheating process, Thaw for a day or 2 until it loosens up, 300* for a few hours then reduce the temp to 275*-250* and watch the meat temp, when you reach 180* (our preference) the meat has 'stewed' in the juices, it stays moist all of the way to the last serving.
A roaster oven or large crock pot works well too, just make sure there is enough moisture in it to prevent drying out. Good luck.
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Crock pot works wonders
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Cook, rest, pull. Add finishing sauce sparingly. Put in vac bags an seal. Freeze, Pot a boilin water, add bag an turn heat down to a simmer till the meat is over 140°. Juicy an better then the day ya cooked it!
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When you boiling it how do you know when the meat is over 140
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Put it in the oven and insert dig. thermo. Tip's been around the block a time or two so he just knows how long. Dem hillbillys have that 9th sense. J/K Tip.
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A thermoter might help. I guees that is the only answer. Don't mean to be rude.icon_lol.gif
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I reheat pp in a crockpot. Once the butt has been pulled and cooled, bag it up and put it in the fridge. The day you want to serve it just dump it in a crockpot set on low with some of the drippings. I've done this quite a few times and it's always hot, moist and delicious.
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I plan on doing the crock pot re-heat method tomorrow with about 10# of pulled pork. I 'll let ya' know how it came out.
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if it were me i, depending on how much i would stove top it for 3-5# or in the oven for more. when ever reheating moisture is needed and i prefer chix stock.
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It sounds like a good plan all the way to the re-heating part I would go with the put it in the pan with foil over it and into the oven because you are sering so many people. If you were only feeding a few maybe up to 10-15 I would do the boiling or for me a better way is a pasta pot and steam it hot it fast and it retains the moisture in the meat. Good Luck and everythign will be alright.biggrin.gif
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I do most a mine by feel, pull that bag out an rearrange the meat an feel it. Then when I'm close I check with a therm, then inta roasters er pans ta keep it warm.

A microwave will do to, but ya gotta be real carefull, ya wanna heat it, not cook it. Use the defrost cycle on smaller batch's.

Frozen takes longer then thawed, so thaw it before hand if ya can. Otherwise just plan a bit longer. I save them golden juices an defat, add back in at time of warmin, otherwise the apple cider sure does work good!

9th sense, is that like a cat with 9 lives?PDT_Armataz_01_05.gifPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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