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Capless Butt

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I had a 6 lb butt that needed to either be smoked or frozen soon. I had a ribeye roast that I was going to smoke the next day so I decided to smoke the butt while I was at it. I also decided to remove the fat cap as Mikey had done in a previous post. I trimmed the fat cap off completely. Rubbed it with a rub I'm working on and threw it in the fridge over night. Smoker temp was 250, woods were oak and hickory.

Ready for foiling at 165.

I'd say it's done, wouldn't you? icon_lol.gif

Pulled and ready for bagging.

There was a lot more bark due to the lack of a fat cap. The meat was just as moist. There seemed to be less fat throughout the butt and it seemed to be quite a bit easier to pull than usual. I would definitely do it again that way to see if it was a fluke, but I don't think it is.
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looks mighty Fine dawn.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif


Keep the beatdown going!!!PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Another great smoke dawn. Cudoes to the cook on that too. Great eats at your house too this weekend. Power to the smoke.
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Once again, great looking grub Dawn. Good job.
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Good job Dawn, I usually keep the fat cap down to less than 1/8 or less. Nice smoke you got there.
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Nice looking PP Dawn!
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My rule of thumb is to trim off all the fat I can get off of fatty pieces of meat. Leave all the fat that comes with a lean piece of meat. Might even wrap some bacon around the lean. Nice smoke.
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That is one good lookin' butt. By golly, there is a method to my madnessicon_lol.gif Just out of curiosity, did you weigh the fat that you cut off?
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No I didn't weigh it, thought of it after it was on the smoker.

I forgot to put in the original post that I did not mop, spritz or spray the butt at all.
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That looks great, Dawn! Next time I do one, I'll try it your way.
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