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Ribeye roast - Page 2

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Congrats to you Dawn, looks like you hand a great smoke. Mighty fine Q View too.
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Beutifull looking rib roast, just the way I like it, I bet that was great tasting, nice job.
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Dawn, that roast looked ab-soh-loot-ley OUTSTANDING! Nicely done to perfection, and mouth-watering pics too. Thank you for sharing and congratulations to you both for such a good score on a haunch o' beef!
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Picture perfect. Nice job Dawn. Looks fantastic. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Done absolutely perfect with zero outer cooked ring (brown meat), means you didn't get it too hot! 200° to 250° is perfect roasting temp, keeps juices inside the cells and is a perfect color! And done with the best method possible - by the temp dial not the time dial! Do you ship? tongue.gif
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