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Drummers a ?

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Do yall get ALOT of moisture build up in the bottom a yer drum?

I finally drilled a hole in the bottom an put a drip pan under there before the charcoal basket an pan floated away!
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I certainly do. A drain of sorts can't hurt, that's for sure.
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I've often wondered why drums get that moisture. Anyone know?
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Won't that mess up the great air intake control drums have? Or did you put a valve in?
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This only be a 1/4 inch hole, shouldn't bother a thin, worked good on this smoke anywho.
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I'm wondering do you guys have your drums on the ground? I have mine on concrete and don't get moisture. I'm not saying that's the reason, but could see how it could cause moisture. Just hypothesizing here, but I could see that the bottom of the drum getting hot could vaporize the moisture in the ground and draw it in the intakes.
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I have mine on patio blocks.
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Mine is on 3" casters. I don't seem to get the moisture build up.
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Mine is on a drum dolly.. I do not get the moisture build up either.
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Trident 1 is on 5 inch casters an settin on the deck. Wonder if it just be from humidity? Maybe the dryer weather ifin we ever get any will hep.
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I find that the weather does have an effect. In cooler weather I get more moisture. Last weekend was warm & dry and I got very little moisture. I was able to just shop vac it out. One cool day a few weeks back I did get a lot of moisture and had to dump out the drum the next day it had that much moisture in it.

I run mine on the ground on a pad I made out of slate.

Tip, did you make your hole right in the middle of the bottom? Did it actually drain at all?
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Made the hole bout 3 inchs in from the side, drained real well, got bout half a bread pan a liquid outa there.
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Stop soaking your smoke wood.
Mine is sitting on some bricks and there seems to always be some water at the bottom, maybe a half a cup. I only use lump for fuel. What do you use?
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****, I never soak my chunks. I think the humidity & temp do play a bit of a roll. I burn Kingsford. Never tried lump in the drum. Maybe I'll give it a try.
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I'm usin royal oak brickettes, my smokin wood be well seasoned maple, never ever have I soaked my smoke wood! Grandpa would kick my but from here ta the enda the galaxy fer that!

Must be the weather is cool an damp here yet. Guess will see how it goes throught the summer! Drain holes seems ta work just fine though.
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I never soak my wood chunks with the uds and I still get some liquid at the bottom of the drum at times. I too believe it to be weather related.
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No soak here either. rolleyes.gif But lots of moisture at times. I use Kingsford Competition Briquettes but have used Lazarri Mesquite lump and RO Briquettes. More moisture during the cooler weather though. The drum is off the ground on a base with casters.

The drum is a pretty moist cooking environment. If I let the charcoal burn out which I will do occasionally there is very little moisture. If I snuff the fire out at the end of the cook to reuse the charcoal, there is usually more moisture in the drum the next day.

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Just joking about that soaking! And DDave, you are right about the moist environment of a drum. They are very tight and there is very little convection in them so the moisture likes to hang around.
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