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Mixing Lump and Briquettes?

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Does anyone do this? It seems most people are lump fans, and I have never used lump charcoal (still a beginner). Would like to try, but I have a lot of Kingsford left and wondered if you ever mix the two?

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Get a beer in your hand and go for it.
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I did this just this evening, try it.
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Did it this weekend when i did not have enough lump on a roast i smoked..If i Minnion method on WSM i usually start middle of ring with lump and pack the rest with unlit natural briquetts.
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I did it a few times then quit.
Each fuel seems to respond a little differently to changes in air supply and it seemed harder to dial-in the temp I wanted with them mixed.

But this is in a WSM where the airflow is choked back pretty severely by design, so it might not be noticeable in other cookers with more airflow.
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I had a few leftover briquettes a few weeks ago, and mixed them with lump when I smoked a pork loin on the WSM, didnt notice any difference in taste, or temperature. THe mix was probably 85% lump, and 15% kingsford briquettes.
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I mix them all the time...I think they compliment each other....
I don't actually MIX them....I just add a scoop of one, then a scoop of the other, etc.

I seem to add the LUMP when I add wood and it really puts a punch to the smoke!!
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I don't like the smell when briquettes start up, so I don't put unlit briquettes in my charcoal basket.

Until recently, I was using them to start things off though. But last time they wouldn't light on a humid day while lump started easily. And I find we like the flavor of grilled food better with lump too! So the briquettes, after this bag is finished, will fade into the past.
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I have done it, worked fine. Go for it!
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It works fine. I bought lump to start with and found one of the bags had either huge or tiny pieces in it, nothing in between. I used the huge pieces by themselves then went out and bought brickettes. I'm using mostly the brickettes and throwing in some of the tiny pieces of the lump.
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lol,and this works with about anythingicon_lol.gif
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I've been using a 60/40, 70/30 mix of Kingsford and lump.

Works 4 me.
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