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1st Bone in Chuck Roast - Qview

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Well I was cleaning out the chest freezer and happened on a chuck roast that I figured needed to be smoked! And since I got a lot of info from the SMF folks why not give it whirl?

Here's the start...I think it was about 3-1/2 lbs. or so

I kept it pretty simple - rubbed with montreal steak seasoning, salt, pepper.

Into the smoker w/ drip pan with onions

Foiled it at 164...then went to 205. Used mesquite took about 8-9 hours or so. (Had a temp. probe fail on this smoke which threw me for a loop) Spritzing every hour or so with rum and apple juice. The plateau came at 147 - and held there for a long time.

Pulled great

Put a little Head Country sauce on....

Overall turned out good - I would put more ingredients on the rub next time.

Thanks for checking out my 1st chuckie and to all the good info I got from the Forum!
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Looks great, thanks for sharing
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Nice looking chuckie.
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Nice looking Chuck you got there.
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Man o man, that was a nice looking chuck you had there! Beautiful execution on that sammie too....POINTS!
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Nice job on your first of many chuckies. smile.gif
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