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Cheap Beef recipes

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Ok so who has some good cheap beef cut recipes?

I mean like good ways of smoking and eating some cheap cuts. Recipe / meal ideas?

Briskets are good, but, expensive. Optimally I'm looking for something that could freeze well for winter lunches, or larger scale meal ideas for bbq parties that I can bring, but not break the bank smoking 2 briskets.

Thanks for the input!
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Beef ribs seem to always be cheap around here.
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Chuck roast is really good.
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Any recipes / cooking temps to hit to cook one?

I'm thinking I want to try a lot of smoke for X amount of time, the wrap in tin foil and braise, etc.
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You want to be carefull about too much smoke, as they say"the thin blue smoke" is what you want, too much smoke can cause a creasote taste, chuck roast is a good choice and wont break the bank,,, Good Luck to ya,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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Chuck roast....Smoke until about 160ish deg. Then foil and take out to 190 for sliceing, or 205 for pulling. Put some of your finidhing sauce in the foil.

Make a finishing sauce using butter, onion, beef boulion, and worsty sauce. Yum.
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